New Markets Tax Credit Services

Monge Capital provides expert New Markets Tax Credit financing consulting services to help provide gap financing for operating businesses and commercial and mixed use projects in qualifying low income communities. Consulting Services include:

• Structuring
• Underwriting
• Closing Services
• Compliance
• Allocation Management
• Investment Services
• Exit Strategies
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Monge Capital specializes in providing capital for underserved or economically distressed areas through office, retail, mixed use, industrial, hospitality, and other commercial real estate as well as operating business opportunities. These investments can take many forms, including equity investments, preferred equity or mezzanine debt or debt-related interest either in combination with or as means to obtain a controlling equity investment.  Monge Capital also provides access to public financing opportunities to help investors meet investment return hurdles and in turn provide for social impacts required by public stakeholders.

Monge Capital offers the following services: